Arms and Links

The independent suspension of the Impreza adopts the McPherson strut layout at the front and at the rear. A series of fully adjustable track control arms (TCA) and links, made of certified stainless steel and TIG welded are used.


The hub carriers, different for the 4 wheels, have the fundamental task of connecting all the suspension elements: the wheel with its bearing, the caliper and the brake disc, the shock absorber, the arms, the anti-roll bars and, at the front, the steering box. They have the task of absorbing all the stresses from the wheels, transmitting them to the shock absorber and ensuring maximum rigidity and stability to the internal bearing.

Shock Absorbers

The Reiger shock absorbers, whilst maintaining the original layout and links, are completely updated according to modern technologies and the use of the most advanced materials.


There is a close ratio rack specifically developed by Best Engineering that incorporates power steering.

Anti-roll bars

Made of titanium, they are available in different diameters and in two specific types for gravel and tarmac. Each bar therefore has two adjustment positions – hard and soft.

Rear cross Member

The tubular rear cross member has the function of supporting the entire rear part of the transmission and suspension. It requires great strength, the correct flexibility and lightness. It is CAD designed and made of certified high-strength T45 steel with specially extruded tubes and TIG welded.

Braking System

An AP type braking system is used, consisting of large self-ventilating discs. For tarmac they are 366mm at the front and 304mm at the rear with a substantial difference in the thickness of the discs. The pedals box assembly is made in welded steel, and the brake actuation is connected to the gearbox control unit which determines the intervention of the closing of the differentials in the braking phase. The hydraulic handbrake, when activated, detaches the centre differential to free the rear wheels and perform the tightest turns.


Aluminum alloy Speedline Corse rims 8×18, ET11.6, 5×100 for tarmac with 7×15 for gravel

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