The body is completely stripped with the latest generation computerized oven process, which allows the body to be heated and cooled progressively according to the thickness and type of steel used, guaranteeing the absolute absence of deformations and an optimal base for the following “TIG” and “MIG” welding operations.


Finding the optimal driving position is carried out with the customer as part of the construction phase of the body, with optimization of the latest generation seat belt package – pedal unit – steering column and dashboard layout.

Electrical and fire extinguishing system

The electrical system has been designed by Best Engineers to accommodate the new electronic control units (ECU) used in the management of the engine, gearbox and data on the dashboard.

Aluminium handcrafted parts

Aluminium is widely used for fabricating the oil and water tanks, and for accessories such as the driver’s and co-driver’s footrests; in the latter case, a very complex aluminium structure made to size which incorporates, as originally, the two aluminium boxes with the engine and gearbox ECUs.

Carbon moulded parts

When the car was launched in 1993, the use of carbon fibre to replace various plastic parts on the car aroused great interest. It was used for the the air conveyor from the dashboard to the windscreen, the internal ventilation ducting, the engine induction air filter and the hand-break lever.

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