The McRaes’ tradition in rallying.

This is a captivating story of shared passion, that of father Jimmy McRae and sons Colin and Alister. A passion pursued under the watchful eyes of mother, Margaret, while third son, Stuart, embarked on a career as an entrepreneur. The story begins with many hours spent in the family garage and soon travels around the world on two- and four-wheeled engines, uniting fans in all 5 continents. It’s 1980’s Scotland, Colin and Alister grow up, watching, learning and dreaming of driving like their Father. Jimmy McRae wins five British championships before giving way to his children. As time progresses, Colin brings home two national championships, securing a place in the hearts of fans who loved him for his driving style and the commitment he showed towards the sport. 1995 is a magical year for the McRae family; Colin becomes the World Rally Champion while Alister - who is two years younger - is named the best in the British Championship. Yet another McRae to follow in Dad’s footsteps. The McRae story is one filled with emotion, good and bad, happy and tragic, but it all begins with a Father and his Sons, finding a passion, mastering a sport and brining the whole world along for the ride. Now, it’s the turn of Max to carry on the McRae name. As did Dad, Alister, Uncle Colin and Grandpa Jimmy. The third generation in this motorsport dynasty.

The Subaru Impreza by Best:
history and future

Few cars have managed to become an iconic of the sport; the Subaru Impreza is one of them. The unmistakable sound of its boxer engine, its elegant livery and, of course, its rallying successes have made the Japanese car the Queen of motorsport, known and admired all over the world. A legend which has transcended the present day, reborn thanks to the Best Impreza project. Born in Italy and launched by Best Engineering, this project aims to create an exclusive series of Subaru Impreza Group A vehicles, faithful in all specifications to the cars that have won two World Constructors Championships and a Drivers’ World Championship in 1995, with Colin McRae at the wheel. Not only that, these are “Continuation Cars”, built maintaining their original characteristics but updated thanks to new technologies. Contribution has also come from the family of Mauro and Dario Nibbio - who have thirty years of experience on ex-works cars - and from those who drove them, like Piero Liatti.

Best Impreza McRae Edition:
two legends together.

Best Impreza is the meeting point of two legends: the McRae family - from Jimmy to Max via Colin and Alister - and the Subaru Impreza 555. The family of Scottish champions welcomed the project proposed by Carlo Boroli - founder of Best - with intrigue and enthusiasm. Both parties fuelled by the love of the McRae history and the Japanese car which contributed to it. The project comprises of only 8 Best Impreza McRae Edition cars; one for each of Colin’s World Rally Championship victories at the wheel of an Impreza Group A. Cars 4 and 8 will be “signed” in order to commemorate the 1995 World Championship. This project exists to remember an era of motorsport history which will not be forgotten; a story written the McRae men, recounted by those who watched - Margaret and Alison McRae - and brought to life once more with the help of Hollie McRae, Colin’s Daughter.

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