“Colin’s win at Sanremo 96 has been the definitive seed of my love for the Impreza & McRae: I recall being on Liguria’s SS, with my brother, as close as possible to them. That was damn crazy but unforgettable; that’s why I’d love to keep Best Impreza#06 for us”

Carlo Boroli

38° Rallye Sanremo
Rallye d'Italia Sanremo
13-16 October 1996

Pilots Car Time
1. McRae Colin - Ringer Derek
Subaru Impreza 555
2. Sainz Carlos - Moya Luis
Ford Escort RS Cosworth
3. Thiry Bruno - Prévot Stéphane
Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Overall Classification

Pilots Car Time
4. Loix Freddy - Smeets Sven
Toyota Celica GT-Four
5. Eriksson Kenneth - Parmander Staffan
Subaru Impreza 555
6. Cunico Gianfranco - Scalvini Pierangelo
Ford Escort RS Cosworth
7. Pianezzola Gilberto - Roggia Loris
Toyota Celica GT-Four
8. Auriol Didier - Giraudet Denis
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III
9. Medeghini Angelo - Capoferri Barbara
Subaru Impreza 555
10. Bernardini Patrick - Savignoni Dominique
Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Without making any calculation

Italy; a country which grew to love Colin McRae, his driving style and his passion for the sport. A country where rallies are at home and where fans know how to recognise the qualities of a great driver. In Sanremo, in 1996, special stages on tarmac open and close the rally. In between, the cars battle it out on the gravel lands of Tuscany and Umbria. For all three days of the race, it is Colin who remains in front, impressing the Italian fans with his usual flair. His Subaru Impreza 555 is consistently ‘flat out’, no matter whether it has to tackle the tarmac of Liguria or the gravel and dust of Tuscany.

The Scotsman leads the rally from the start to the end, without making any wrong calculations. He asks the car for the maximum because he wants to achieve the maximum; the final victory. And it does so without making any mistakes. The much-desired victory comes, opponents try to get close without ever catching the Impreza. "I didn’t have much fun on the tarmac and it wasn't easy with Carlos Sainz so close behind but we won". Colin confessed upon arrival.

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