“This was Colin’s first win on his home WRC International event. He had shown winning pace on previous RAC rallies but had never pulled it off. This event was a very proud moment for myself and Margaret, the crowds were amazing. He made it look easy!

Jimmy McRae, Colin’s father


“At this time in Colin’s career (1994/95/96) I was living in Canada, I watched from afar as he achieved the wins and results that he had worked so hard for. It was always his goal, ever since we first met, to be the best in the world. He was climbing the ladder very rapidly due to his talent and dedication.”

Alison McRae, Colin’s wife


50° Rac Rally Chester
20-23 November 1994

Pilots Car Time
1. McRae Colin - Ringer Derek
Subaru Impreza 555
2. Kankkunen Juha - Grist Nicky
Toyota Celica GT-Four
3. Thiry Bruno - Prévot Stéphane
Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Overall Classification

Pilots Car Time
4. Blomqvist Stig - Melander Benny
Ford Escort RS Cosworth
5. Vatanen Ari - Pons Fabrizia
Ford Escort RS Cosworth
6. Auriol Didier - Occelli Bernard
Toyota Celica Turbo 4W
7. Evans Gwyndaf - Davies Howard
Ford Escort RS 2000
8. Habig Jan - Judd Douglas 
Ford Escort RS Cosworth
9. Mäkinen Tommi - Harjanne
Seppo Nissan Sunny GTi
10. De Mevius Grégoire - Lux Willy
Opel Astra GSi 16V

After 520 kilometers of special stages, McRae finished more than 3 minutes and 30 seconds ahead of the runner-up. And upon arrival at the Chester racecourse, Colin made a promise to his cheering fans: he would return 12 months later... and he would do so fighting for the world title. “That was incredible, I have never experience anything quite like that last special stage: there were so many people and they were all there for me, with the flags of Scotland" he said excitedly at the end of the rally.

Nothing is left to anyone

As he drove through the woods of Wales and his native Scotland, no car could get close to McRae. His Subaru Impreza 555 was the fastest around every corner. Finally, Colin had a car in his hands that would allow him to win his home race. While other drivers battled each other for the title, Colin danced on the dirt roads to the rhythm of the pace notes dictated by Derek Ringer. They won 16 of the 29 special stages. The pair were second fastest out of nine and never finished a special stage lower than fourth position. What a victory it was!

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